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About us
MOC, Inc. was founded in 1984. Our purpose was to take sound and proven operations and maintenance practices and apply them in a comprehensive, building-wide approach. The result was a company that could not only operate and maintain the mechanical and electrical components of a building, but also take a comprehensive approach to treat a building as an integration of systems, each with a unique relationship to the others. We provide operations, maintenance, repair, and management of the following systems and services.
• Heating and Cooling Plants

• Heating and Cooling Systems

• Air Handling Systems

• Automatic Temperature Controls

• Domestic Water Systems

• Sanitary & Storm Water Systems

• Sprinkler & Fire Suppression Systems

• Steam Systems
• Fire Detection Systems

• Process Piping & Controls

• Food Service Operations

• Preventive Maintenance Systems

• Energy Management

• Environmental Compliance

• Electrical Systems
Company Overview

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