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Our core business is maintaining and operating facilities with in-house personnel; however, MOC Inc.s consulting services have been utilized across the country to supplement engineering staffs on a temporary or ongoing basis.

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Our clients rely on us because we have:

  • Experience with a broad range of systems
  • A proven reputation for solving technical challenges
  • Consultants with proven skills
  • Sensitivity to not only operational needs, but also to political issues
  • The ability to relay technical information to our clients in a manner that lets them make business decisions.

Some of the consulting services we offer are:

  • Energy Management
    We can reduce your energy consumption through proven methods. We perform comprehensive energy audits and train your engineering staff on energy efficient practices. We will partner with you in the long term to verify your savings against benchmarks. MOC, Inc. is a certified Energy Star Partner.
  • Building Commissioning
    We offer commissioning services for new construction, modernization projects, and existing construction. We can also provide retro-commissioning to ensure that your equipment and systems are performing to design standards.
  • Accident/Failure and Root Cause Analysis
    MOC Inc. consultants will conduct an onsite evaluation applying both industry benchmarks and our plant operating experience to analyze failures and protect you from potential failures.
  • Compliance Overview
    We offer expert evaluations of regulatory compliance procedures, and assist your staff in the development of programs to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Engineering Support
    MOC provides technical support for operations and maintenance. We can improve your efficiency and solve your ongoing operations problems.
  • Maintenance Support
    We will review your maintenance records and procedures to ensure that they are meeting your needs. We also have experience in the development and implementation of CMMS systems.
  • Methods and Procedures
    We can prepare operations and maintenance manuals specific to your facility.
  • Performance Operations Audits
    We will meet with you to document your expectations. We willthen audit your operations to determine if your needs are being met.
  • Disaster Recovery Efforts
    We can help your organization get back in operation after catastrophic events or failures.


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