Mechanical & Electrical Management

As a client who contracts with MOC, Inc., you are never in the dark. We continually monitor the performance of your mechanical systems, energy usage and manpower expenditures, constantly documenting our findings, and then putting them in a format that will benefit you. As we work together, this information equates to:
Energy savings
Improved mechanical system reliability
Extended equipment life
Reduced repair and replacement costs
Enhanced worker productivity
MOC Inc. will institute proven programs that will bring a positive impact to your site, such as:
Preventive Maintenance Programs
Experience in the deployment of Industry Standard CMMS Programs (iMaint, NetFacilities, Angus AnyWhere)

Predictive Maintenance Programs
Materials Management
Material expediting
Just in time materials
Engineering failure modes
Parts dedication
Process Improvement Programs
Ongoing, systematic evaluations of existing procedures and operations, leading to measurable improvements.
Maintenance reviews
Inspection and review of equipment maintenance policies to ensure that they are meeting the needs of your facility.
Technology Reviews
Evaluations of workflows that ensure the proper implementation and application of internet and telephony technologies.


Our core business is maintaining and operating facilities with in-house personnel; however, MOC Inc.s consulting services have been utilized across the country to supplement engineering staffs on a temporary or ongoing basis.

Our clients rely on us because we have:

  • Experience with a broad range of systems
  • A proven reputation for solving technical challenges
  • Consultants with proven skills
  • Sensitivity to not only operational needs, but also to political issues
  • The ability to relay technical information to our clients in a manner that lets them make business decisions.

Some of the consulting services we offer are:

  • Energy Management
    We can reduce your energy consumption through proven methods. We perform comprehensive energy audits and train your engineering staff on energy efficient practices. We will partner with you in the long term to verify your savings against benchmarks. MOC, Inc. is a certified Energy Star Partner.
  • Building Commissioning
    We offer commissioning services for new construction, modernization projects, and existing construction. We can also provide retro-commissioning to ensure that your equipment and systems are performing to design standards.
  • Accident/Failure and Root Cause Analysis
    MOC Inc. consultants will conduct an onsite evaluation applying both industry benchmarks and our plant operating experience to analyze failures and protect you from potential failures.
  • Compliance Overview
    We offer expert evaluations of regulatory compliance procedures, and assist your staff in the development of programs to ensure ongoing compliance
  • Engineering Support
    MOC provides technical support for operations and maintenance. We can improve your efficiency and solve your ongoing operations problems.
  • Maintenance Support
    We will review your maintenance records and procedures to ensure that they are meeting your needs. We also have experience in the development and implementation of CMMS systems.
  • Methods and Procedures
    We can prepare operations and maintenance manuals specific to your facility.
  • Performance Operations Audits
    We will meet with you to document your expectations. We willthen audit your operations to determine if your needs are being met.
  • Disaster Recovery Efforts
    We can help your organization get back in operation after catastrophic events or failures.
Energy Management

A facility manager should provide an efficient balance between the facilitys annual functional energy requirements and its annual actual energy consumption. No more no less.

When a client partners with MOC, Inc., that becomes our goal too. Our comprehensive energy management programs not only help the bottom line of our customers, but, in many cases, the savings cover our management fees several times over. MOC, Inc. and our clients have not only saved energy dollars, but have reduced the amount of CO and SO levels in the environment by millions of pounds per year. Everyone wins when we partner on an Energy Management Program.

MOC Inc. believes in a team approach to Energy Management. We support a dynamic, collaborative environment where trust and teamwork prevail, and a shared understanding of project goals and expectations is developed. Our most successful projects are those in which the owner, building managers, tenants, operators, and maintenance personnel all recognize each others contributions. This collaborative environment draws upon the collective knowledge of the entire Energy Management Team, while supporting the owners values and goals.

MOC, Inc. became an Energy Star Partner Firm in 2004, and has earned the Energy Star Label as a sponsor for three properties. The ENERGY STAR Label designates superior energy performance in buildings.

In partnership with ENERGY STAR, we will:

  • Help organizations with whom we work to implement appropriate energy efficiency measures
  • Improve the energy efficiency of the buildings we operate, in support of the ENERGY STAR Challenge
  • Encourage our staff and the working community to learn about the benefits of energy efficiency

For additional information about Energy Star please visit

Human Resources

We only sell service, and service comes down to personnel. We recruit, train, and manage the individuals that best fit the requirements of your facility. Our concern is to manage your facilitys mechanical and electrical needs. Tell us your needs, and we will meet or exceed them. The personnel issues are our issues not yours.

In addition to managing employees and personnel issues, MOC Inc. also offers the following services to our contract clients and to clients using our consulting services.

  • Staffing level reviews
  • Employee risk analysis reviews
  • Negotiations and review of labor arguments
  • Job performance analysis
  • Specialized training
Cost Management

Our objective is to not only improve the performance of your facility, but also to improve your bottom line. MOC Inc. will work with your accounting department to prepare budgets and constantly update you with variance reports to keep you within those budgets.

We focus on risk management in the following areas:

  • Employer/Occupant Safety
  • Physical damage to facilities
  • Downtime risk to the clients
  • Core business environmental risks

n engineering and human resources, we talk about risks. Financiers talk about expected values. We are all talking about the same thing. If companies can reduce downtime that will potentially affect their core business while taking into consideration reducing maintenance costs and accidents, they will, in turn, affect the bottom line in a positive way.

This is what we do best. Contact us to see how we can improve your bottom line.

Safety Training

The safety of our employees and the occupants of the facilities we manage is our number one concern. Our safety program is very comprehensive, and is registered with the State of Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Bureau for safety credits and discounts. All of our clients have realized savings from these discounts.

Each MOC Inc. employee receives monthly safety training, including OSHA mandatory requirements, such as:

  • Hazardous Communication
  • Lockout / Tagout
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Asbestos Awareness

Additional training includes monthly Tool Box Talks. Some samples topics are:

  • Using power tools safely
  • Fall protection
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire prevention at the site
  • Preventing electrical fires and explosions
  • Confined space
  • Electrical safety
  • Working safely with compressed gases
  • Safe sidewalks, the public, and you
  • Incompatible chemicals

Hundreds of multimedia & instructor-lead classes available, depending upon the specific needs of your facility.

MOC, Inc. will tour your property to identify potential safety issues, and develop a list of possible solutions. The result is a safer workplace for our employees and building occupants, excellent insurance rates, and peace of mind for everyone involved. Peace of mind is priceless, but our insurance premiums are often so much lower than our competitors, that the difference in insurance premiums offsets our management fee.

Contact us if you want to make a comparison.
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Computerized Maintenance
Management Systems

MOC, Inc. has worked with all types of CMMS systems. CMMS systems drive our industry. Our job is to make them work for you. If you or your company is using a CMMS, we can make it better and more meaningful. If it isnt working for you, we can recommend one that will. At MOC, Inc., preventive maintenance goes beyond good record keeping to actually prevent breakdown and unscheduled downtime. Rigorous equipment logs, including vibration, sound, and combustion analyses are incorporated into our PM programs, to assure optimum performance and reliability. MOC Inc. orchestrates your entire PM system from maintaining installed equipment to ordering new materials from inventory control to budgeting. If you want to discuss how our knowledge of CMMS programs can benefit your facility, contact us at [email protected].